Who is Eligible for the Combined Degree Program in History and East Asian Studies?

Pursuit of undergraduate coursework requires no special application process; students simply pursue their History B.A. requirements. However, formal admission to the combined program does require some special arrangements (described here).  

As part of that process, students need to demonstrate an ability to do graduate work and must meet the standard requirements for admission to the M.A. program as well as a significant part of their History major. These include:

  • a cumulative GPA in Ohio State University courses of at least 3.5 (B+)
  • GRE scores that meet standard admissions policy
  • completion of at least 18 semester hours of history (including courses in which they are enrolled at the time of application)
  • completion of or current enrollment in History 2800
  • completion of or current enrollment in a 4000-level Readings in History seminar
  • completion of at least Level I and Level II of an East Asian language (Chinese, Japanese or Korean)