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East Asian Digital Videos Available through OhioLINK

The OhioLINK Digital Media Center provides online access to over 1,250 digital videos, including many that relate to East Asia. Full-length educational videos in the center’s Digital Video Collection are available to students, staff, and faculty of OhioLINK member institutions. The center’s database of Foreign Language Digital Videos, which is freely available to anyone, provides clips in which native speakers elaborate on a wide variety of topics about their culture, family, daily life, and more.

Videos related to East Asia in the Digital Video Collection include:

East Asia





Videos related to East Asia in the Foreign Language Digital Videos database include seventeen clips in Chinese (Mandarin) by Cindy Lee of Oberlin College:

  1. Care of old-age parents (January 2002)
  2. Chinese history goes back over thousands of years (January 2002)
  3. Chinese parents are beginning to be more easygoing (January 2002)
  4. Does having only one child affect the parents' attitude towards their children? (January 2002)
  5. Does the present Chinese psyche include a great or small part of Western culture? (January 2002)
  6. How under Mao the viewpoints of Chinese people were influenced (part 1) (January 2002)
  7. How under Mao (part 2) (January 2002)
  8. Independence of Chinese Children (January 2002)
  9. Introduction (January 2002)
  10. Outlook on sexual relationships (January 2002)
  11. Realization of their mistakes (January 2002)
  12. Relationship between members of the opposite sex is viewed differently in the East and in the West (January 2002)
  13. Relationship between parents and children (January 2002)
  14. The conservative viewpoints will withstand for some time (January 2002)
  15. Viewpoint regarding Shi Yi (January 2002)
  16. What is expected of children (January 2002)
  17. What is the reason behind parents being so strict with their children? (January 2002)