Community College Outreach

EASC collaborates with community colleges on curriculum development projects, course offerings, lecture series, and more. Our partnership with Columbus State Community College (CSCC) is particularly strong across various project types and disciplines.

In 2015, the EASC-CSCC partnership led to the development of six modules on Chinese history to be incorporated into the World History curriculum at CSCC. In 2016, four additional modules on Japanese history and two on Korean history were developed. Further, in 2018, two modules on Eastern and Western medicine were created. These modules are in the form of short video files and are available for classroom use worldwide. The following modules can be viewed on our YouTube channel:

Confucius and Confucianism
Eastern and Western Medicine Meet: Conflicts of Science, Health, and Tradition in Modern China and Japan
Empress Wu Zetian and the Tang Dynasty
The Genpei War and The Tale of the Heike, Japan's Greatest War Story
Geo-Strategy in the Three Kingdoms Period
Hangul for You
Heian Japanese Literature and the Lives of Court Women
History and Present of the Japanese Language
The Life and Times of Sun Yat-Sen
The Long March
Religion and Medicine in East Asian Traditions: China, Japan, Korea
Riders Across the Sea? The "Horserider Thesis" and the Origins of Japan
The Silk Road and Buddhism

This project was supported by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant for EASC.