IKS Special Events

The Institute for Korean Studies regularly sponsors programs to introduce the people of Ohio to Korean culture. In 2007, IKS helped bring to OSU the exhibition Korean Comics: A Society through Small Frames, which offered works by 21 Korean cartoonists from the 1950s to 1990s. IKS has also sponsored screenings of award-winning films, including David Chung's documentary, Koryo Saram and Joy Dietrich's Tie a Yellow Ribbon, as well as visits by award-winning Korean authors Ch'oe Yun and Ch'oe Su-chol. Sponsored musical programs have included Sijo workshops with master vocalist Moon Hyun from the National Center for Traditional Korean Performing Arts, and Pungmul workshops and a public performance of Korean music and dance that featured world-renowned artists. Most recently, the Institute was honored to bring to campus Kim Dae-Gyun, Preserver of the Tightrope Performance, Korean Intangible Cultural Asset Number 58, and recent designee as UNESCO's World Intangible Heritage, to introducestudents to the art of Jul-noreum (Korean tightrope performance), and Dr. Joon-sik Choi, Professor of Korean Studies and Director of the Korean Culture Research Institute at Ewha University, who spoke about "Characteristics of Korean Culture from the Perspective of Korean Traditional Arts."

Upcoming IKS special events can be found on our events calendar. A sample of previous events include: