About the Institute for Korean Studies

Institute for Korean Studies Brochure CoverStarting out as the Korean Studies Initiative in 2005 under the umbrella organization of the East Asian Studies Center, the Institute for Korean Studies was officially established as an institute in 2011 to unify efforts and strengthen Korean programming for academic collaboration and outreach.


The mission of the Institute for Korean Studies is to provide leadership for Korean Studies at The Ohio State University and assist academic and administrative units of The Ohio State University to advance and disseminate knowledge about Korea. The Institute is devoted to the study of all things Korean, including its people, language, art, culture, history, environment, government and politics, economy and business, and other aspects of its society. It is committed to maintaining and enhancing the national and international reputation of Korean Studies at The Ohio State University in all areas of research, education, and professional service including outreach for K-12 education, business, the community, the state and the nation. At its core, the Institute supports OSU's primary mission of advancing the well being of the people of Ohio and the global community through the creation and dissemination of knowledge about Korea's past, present, and future.

Research and Instruction

Academics is central to the mission of the Institute for Korean Studies. By providing resources that stimulate new research opportunities and expand instructional initiatives, the Institute for Korean Studies:

  • Connects faculty, instructors and post-doctoral researchers in various disciplines for increased collaboration across various fields and specializations
  • Provides scholarships, fellowships, and internships to students and faculty.
  • Supports intensive language instruction in Korean, offered in both traditional classroom and one-on-one settings
  • Directs writing and other academic competitions and programs related to the study of Korea, in order to better prepare OSU students interested in Korea for future professional and cultural interactions

Programs to Inspire Life-Long Learning

The Institute for Korean Studies believes that learning about Korea should begin at an early age and continue through the collegiate, professional and golden years. Therefore, the Institute for Korean Studies works with students, teachers, businesses and the Ohio community to:

  • Arrange expert presenters to conduct workshops for students or adults at schools, libraries or community centers through the Passport to East Asia program
  • Assist the East Asian Studies Center by providing content for its teacher workshops, study tours and courses to help train educators to incorporate Korean content into their classrooms. This includes lesson plans about modern Korea written in consultation with Korean educators that spent time in Ohio
  • Maintain a lending library of books, videos, slides and other resources to use when teaching or learning about Korea for K-12 schools and community organizations
  • Organize career and professional development events to keep individuals and businesses well-informed about Korean society
  • Sponsor cultural events such as film series, festivals, performances and art exhibits, bringing the traditional and modern arts that abound in Korea directly to Ohio