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Bookstores & Publishers

Duke University Libraries 
Links to a variety of bookstores on-line 
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library 
Searchable catalogs of Asian Studies bookshops & publishers 
Asian American Books 
Asian American Curriculum Projects, Inc.--Non-profit efforts to bring a wide variety of Asian American Curriculum materials to schools, libraries and the general public. 
Asian Rare Books 
Books and entire collections of old and antiquarian books on Asia and Orient 
Boston Book Company 
Includes collections of rare books about Japan, China, & Korea. 
Digital Manga Distribution Online 
DMD is a small Japanese bookstore dealing almost exclusively with books, manga, magazines, and other items related to Japanese animation. 
Intercultural Press, Inc. 
Intercultural Press, Inc. has a wide variety of books, simulations and other training materials about crossing cultures. 
Keizai Koho Center 
Publishes different papers and the data book, Japan 2001. 
M.E. Sharpe, Inc. 
Publications about Asian Studies. 
Tuttle Publishing 
Various titles about many different subject areas.
Kinokuniya Bookstore
Sanseido Shoten
books Sanseido
Nichigai Associates
Resources for Reference
Monbu-sho Gakujutsu Joohoo Center

Government & Trade 

Keizai Koho Center (Keidanren) 

Links to Japanese government sites and other institutions 
Japanese Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture 

Site in English 
Japanese Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture 

Site in Japanese 
Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. 
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) 
JETRO Chicago 
Japanese Consulate General (Detroit) 
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan 
Ohio Department of Development/International Trade Division 
American Consulate in Fukuoka, Japan

Local International Organizations

Japan-America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO) 
International Visitors Council 
Columbus Council on World Affairs
Columbus Chamber of Commerce


Hiragana Times 
Cross-culture communication magazine. 
Provides Japanese magazine subscriptions overseas and foreign magazine subscriptions to Japan. With registration, access to database of Japanese book and magazine publication. 
Japan Echo 
Bimonthly journal of translations of essays, interviews, and discussions by noted commentators on topics of interest in Japan today.

News and General Information

Japan Information Network (JIN) 
Excellent source of information about Japan, including statistics, trends, geography, regions and cities and a great site for kids 
Japan Information Center (JIC) 
Links to web sites for many topics, including education, history, sports, government, etc. 
Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) 
Information about travel in Japan, including tours, transportation, accomodations, etc. 
Provides details on activities dealing with global issues, including education 
Google News - Japan 
Browse current news about Japan 
Japan Echo 
Bimonthly journal of translations of essays, interviews, and discussions by noted commentators on topics of interest in Japan today.
News on Japan 
Internet and business-related news on Japan 
Nikkei Net Interactive 
CIA--The World Fact Book: Japan 
Japan: geography, people, government, economy, communications, etc. 
Japan Reference Page 
Links to Japan News Reel with the latest headlines and AsiaBizTech 
Duke University Libraries 
Links to a variety of web sites for various subject areas 
J Guide (Stanford University) 
Many links to sites that can be great references for K-12 educators 
Science University of Tokyo 
Links to country information, art & multimedia, software, etc.
Radio Nippon


Duke University Libraries 
Links to a variety of national and regional newspapers from Japan. 
Association for Advancement of Liberalist View of History 
Deals with highly controversial subjects as the Nanjing Massacre and comfort women. Japanese site is of greater scope and more frequently updated. Recent news articles in both English and Japanese newspapers have comment sections.
Daily Yomiuri Online
In addition to our own regular international news coverage, The Daily Yomiuri carries special weekly coverage from The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times of the United States, and The Times of Britain
Nikkei Interactive Net

Online Journals

Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies 
A journal in the social sciences that is dedicated to publishing academic research and scholarly writing on all issues related to contemporary Japanese society, economy, politics, and culture.

Special Interest

Council of Local Authorities for Int'l Relations (CLAIR) 
JET Program information 
Saitama Prefecture 
Ohio's sister Prefecture 
US-Japan Links 
A National Electronic Network of Japan-America Societies 
Japan National Tourist Organization