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Marjorie K.M. Chan serves as Director of the Institute for Chinese Studies. An associate professor of Chinese Linguistics in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, and adjunct associate professor in the Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University, Dr. Chan's research area is Chinese linguistics, with focus on phonetics, phonology (synchronic and diachronic), and dialectology. Her research interest and publications also extends to studies pertaining to humor, language and gender, as well as written Cantonese and Chinese computing, including corpus linguistics and issues concerning concordancing of Chinese e-texts. Dr. Chan teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Chinese linguistics as well as an upper-level undergraduate/graduate level course on Chinese opera. Previously she has taught the undergraduate course on traditional Chinese culture. She has also taught (Mandarin) Chinese, and today has developed a two-course sequence of "Conversational Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers" (Chinese 4301 and 4302). She is currently the web editor for the academic organization, Chinese Oral and Performing Literature (CHINOPERL), as well as the chair of the steering committee that oversees and facilitates the hosting of the annual North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL) and assists with the online dissemination of the proceedings at the NACCL website.


ICS is home to China specialists from four colleges (Arts and Sciences, Business, Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences) and from the Library. Together, they offer a range of courses involving Chinese language and disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses on China.

Moreover, other faculty in the professional schools (e.g., College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, College of Social Work, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences), the sciences (e.g., chemistry, geological sciences, statistics, physics education research), and engineering (agricultural engineering, architecture, industrial, welding and systems engineering) are involved in collaborative research with colleagues at Chinese institutions of higher learning. OSU faculty have recently completed, or are currently engaged in, wide-ranging collaborative research with colleagues in the Chinese-speaking world such as the importance of sustainable agriculture, the development of Chinese securities markets, and nanotechnology, to name but a few examples.