"The Work of Culture" (2010-2011)

June 3, 2011
Work of Culture Series: Creation of the Lyric Voice: The Singing Warlord

  • ICS Lecture
  • Ping Wang, Assistant Professor, Chinese Literature, Princeton UniversityMay 27, 2011

Work of Culture Series: Chinese Telegraphy and Chinese Typewriting in Global Historical Perspective

  • ICS Lecture
  • Thomas Mullaney, Assistant Professor, History, Stanford University

May 20, 2011
ICS Graduate Forum: New Horizons in Chinese Linguistics Research - flyer
- Organizer: Marjorie Chan, ICS director

  • ICS Graduate Forum - Co-sponsored by: EASC, Graduate Association of Chinese Linguistics

May 19, 2011
Microblogs and Mass Media

  • ICS Lecture

May 13, 2011
Work of Culture Series: Ethnicity & Party Control on the Tibetan Borderlands

  • ICS Lecture
  • Donald Sutton, Professor, History, Carnegie Mellon

May 11, 2011
Amazing Taiwan Music Culture Tour

  • ICS Performance

May 9, 2011
Internationalization: How and Why panel discussion

  • ICS Panel Discussion - Co-sponsored by: College of Education & Human Ecology, DEALL, Global Institute Initiatives OIA, School of Educational Policy and Leadership
  • Desiree Caliguire-Maier, International Education Coordinator, Ohio Department of Education, State of Ohio
  • Dieter Wanner, Associate Provost, Global Strategies and International Affairs, The Ohio State University
  • Tatiana Suspitsyna, Higher Education and Student Affairs, The Ohio State University
  • Qi Michelle Wang, Graduate School of Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

May 9 - 13, 2011
International Careers Week Series: International Careers Week

  • Co-sponsored by: Arts & Sciences Careers Services, Center for Africa Studies, Center for Latin American Studies, Center for Slavice and East European Studies, East Asian Studies Center, Froeign Language Center, John Glenn School of Public Health, Middle East Studies Center, Office of International Affairs, Undergraduate International Studies Program, Younkin Success Center

May 6, 2011
From Jean-Paul Sartre to Teresa Teng: Contemporary Cantonese Art in the 1980s

  • ICS Film - Co-sponsored by: Asian Art Archive

Apr. 29, 2011
The Work of Culture Series: What was Madam White Snake? Vanquished Snakes as Deities of the Ancient Yue People

  • ICS Lecture
  • Fan Pen Chen, Assistant Professor, Chinese, SUNY-Albany

Apr. 15, 2011
The Work of Culture Series: Exhibiting the Everyday: Fangua Lane, Narratives of Past and Present, and the Culture of Propaganda in Maoist China

  • ICS Lecture
  • Denise Ho, Associate Professor, History, University of Kentucky

Apr. 8, 2011
The Work of Culture Series: The Making of a National Icon: Commemorating Nie Er, 1935-1949

  • ICS Lecture
  • Joshua Howard, Croft Associate Professor, History, University of Mississippi

Mar. 10, 2011
Painting Demonstration with Prof. Pan Gongkai

  • ICS Presentation - Co-sponsored by: Art History
  • Pan Gongkai, Director, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Mar. 4, 2011
The Work of Culture Series: Provincial Cooperation during the Tongzhi Restoration (1862-1874)

  • ICS Lecture
  • Elizabeth Kaske, Assistant Professor, Chinese Studies, Carnegie Mellon University

Feb. 25, 2011
The Work of Culture Series: Acquisition of Mandarin: Lexical Tones by Children

  • ICS Lecture
  • Puisan Wong, Research Scientist, Eye & Ear Institute, The Ohio State University

Feb. 18, 2011
The Work of Culture Series: Winds, Dreams, Theater: An Archaeology of the Spatiality of Emotions in late Ming China

  • ICS Lecture
  • Ling Hon Lam, Assistant Professor, Asian Studies, Vanderbilt University

Feb. 11, 2011
The Work of Culture Series: The History of Realism and Truth in Chinese Photography

  • ICS Lecture
  • Shana Brown, Associate Professor, History, University of Hawai'i

Dec. 3, 2010
The Work of Culture Series: Multivocality and the Problem of (Auto)Biography in Hou Hsia-hsien's Summer at Grandpa's

  • ICS Lecture
  • Christopher Lupke, Associate Professor, Chinese, Western Washington University

Nov. 19, 2010
The Work of Culture Series: Regional Competition and the Fabrication of a Zhe School in Late Ming China

  • ICS Lecture
  • Kathleen M. Ryor, Professor, Art History, Carleton College

Nov. 5, 2010
The Work of Culture Series: The Cultural Revolution and the Future of China

  • ICS Lecture
  • Dongping Han, Professor, History and Political Science, Warren Wilson College

Oct. 22, 2010
The Work of Culture Series: Sexuality and Empire: The Cult of Female Chastity and the Process of Empire-Making in Ming China

  • ICS Lecture
  • Siyen Fei, Assistant Professor, History, University of Pennsylvania

Oct. 18, 2010
CHINA Town Hall: From One to Many : The Evolution of US-China Cultural Exchanges from Single to Multi-Stream Practice

  • ICS Event - Co-sponsored by: Mershon Center, National Committee on United States-China Relations
  • Cathy Barbash, President, Barbash Arts Consulting, Inc.

Oct. 18, 2010
The Work of Culture Series: Ethnography of Living Myth and Legend Traditions in Contemporary China

  • ICS Lecture
  • Yongchao Chen, Professor, Chinese, University of Peking

Oct. 15, 2010
The Work of Culture Series: Uyghur Neo-Confucian Specialists in Koryo and Choson Korea

  • ICS Lecture
  • Michael Brose, Associate Professor, History, University of Wyoming

Oct. 8, 2010
The Work of Culture Series: Folk Music & Local Culture : The Cantonese Blind Singer

  • ICS Lecture
  • Bell Yung, Professor of Music, Music Department, University of Pittsburgh

Oct. 1 - 3, 2010
2010 Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs (MCAA)

  • EASC Conference
    Conference Program

Sept. 24, 2010
The Work of Culture Series: History, Structure and Adaptation of Taiwan Sign Language

  • ICS Lecture - Co-sponsored by: EASC, Dept. of Linguistics
  • James H.-Y. Tai, Distinguished Chair Professor, Linguistics, National Chung Cheng University
  • Stephen R. MacKinnon, Professor, History, Arizona State University

Jan. 19, 2010
Art, Documentary, and Propaganda in Wartime China: The Photography of Sha Fei

  • EASC Exhibit