Pronouncing Chinese Names

The East Asian Studies Center (EASC) is pleased to offer an online version of the program created to help faculty and staff at The Ohio State University learn to pronounce East Asian names, starting with Chinese names. Students from East Asian countries, particularly China and South Korea, make up a large portion of the international student population at Ohio State, and EASC has heard from numerous faculty and staff that they would like to make these students feel welcome and a part of the community by pronouncing their names as accurately as possible. 

To this end, EASC partnered with a former graduate student of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures to offer an online workshop, "Pronouncing Chinese Names.” Part 1 includes a mini-lecture with information on names in China, provides pronunciation tips, gives advice on how to handle East Asian students’ adoption of Western names, and includes practice sessions pronouncing common names from the region. Additional names have been added in Part 2 below. The following videos are also available on EASC's YouTube channel:

Pronouncing Chinese Names: Part 1

Pronouncing Chinese Names: Part 2