Picture for andrews.2

Julia Andrews
Distinguished University Professor,...
614 292-7481
  • Chinese and Japanese art,...
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese art

Picture for bender.4

Mark Bender
Professor and Department Chair, DEALL
614 292-3225
  • Performance-connected Literature...
  • Traditional Chinese Performance

Picture for chan.9

Marjorie K. M. Chan
Associate Professor, DEALL
  • Chinese linguistics
  • Synchronic and Diachronic Phonology
  • Phonetics-Phonology Interface

Picture for chen.1140

Sherab Chen
Associate Professor, University...
614 247-7460
  • Tibetan Buddhist studies
  • Classical Tibetan

Picture for chow.1

Daniel C.K. Chow
Professor, Law
614 292-0948
  • Chinese legal system

Picture for denton.2

Kirk Denton
Professor and Undergraduate Director,...
614 292-5548
  • Historical memory in Greater China
  • Modern Chinese literature
  • Film and exhibitonary culture

Picture for fleisher.1

Belton Fleisher
Professor Emeritus, Economics
  • Chinese economy
  • Economic development
  • Labor economics

Picture for goh.25

Meow Hui Goh
Associate Professor, DEALL
614 292-2284
  • Lit., literary history, and...

Picture for horack.1

John M. Horack
Armstrong Chair, Mechanical &...
  • Engineering of aerospace systems
  • Instrumentation for spaceflight
  • Aerospace policy and innovation/...

Picture for hsieh.230

Meiyu Hsieh
Assistant Professor, History
  • Chinese paleography
  • State formation and empire building
  • Early imperial Chinese history

Picture for jian.1

Xiaobin Jian
Associate Professor, DEALL
  • Chinese language and culture...
  • Comparative cultural studies
  • Cross-cultural communication

Picture for knicely.1

Steven Knicely
Academic Program Specialist, DEALL
614 292-0215
  • Chinese language

Picture for li.272

Guoqing Li
Professor, University Libraries
614 292-9597
  • Chinese literature, history, and...

Picture for mancl.1

Karen Mancl
Professor, Food, Agricultural, and...
  • China's environment and rural...

Picture for mathison.5

Christina Mathison
Lecturer, History of Art
  • Modern Chinese painting
  • Twentieth-century Taiwanese...

Picture for qin.548

Yue Qin
Assistant Professor, Geography
  • Food-energy-water nexus
  • Air quality-climate-water nexus

Picture for reed.434

Christopher A. Reed
Associate Professor, History
614 292-0853
  • Modern Chinese history, 19th...
  • Print culture
  • Guomindang (KMT)

Picture for shen.1049

Yvette Shen
Assistant Professor, Design
  • Information design
  • Information and data visualization
  • User interface and user experience

Picture for shenkar.1

Oded Shenkar
Professor, Business; Ford Motor...
614 292-0083
  • Chinese management
  • International strategy

Picture for shum.3

CK Shum
Professor, Distinguished University...
(614) 292-7118
  • Satellite Geodesy
  • Sea-Level
  • Satellite Oceanography &...

Picture for sieber.6

Patricia Sieber
Associate Professor, DEALL
614 292-2464
  • European sinology, 17th-19th...
  • Chinese song, drama, and fiction,...
  • World literature and print culture

Picture for sun.224

Qinghua Sun
Professor, Public Health and Medicine
  • Air pollution
  • Exercise
  • Ambient temperature changes and...

Picture for tewksbury.6

Nancy Tewksbury
Lecturer, DEALL

Picture for walker.17

Galal Walker
Professor, DEALL
614 292-4243
  • Language and culture
  • Computer applications to language...
  • Chinese language pedagogy

Picture for wang.551

Jianqi Wang
Associate Professor, DEALL
614 292-5871
  • Computer assisted language...
  • Chinese language pedagogy and...

Picture for williams.1577

Roger Williams
Associate Professor, Environment and...
  • Forest Ecosystem Analysis and...

Picture for woodworth.42

Max Woodworth
Associate Professor, Geography
614 247-6899
  • Urban China

Picture for xie.251

Zhiguo Xie
Associate Professor, DEALL
614 522-9885
  • Chinese linguistics

Picture for yi.201

Hongtao Yi
Associate Professor, Public Affairs
  • Energy and Environmental Policy
  • Policy Process
  • Local Government

Picture for zhang.1889

Ying Zhang
Associate Professor, History; Director...
  • Gender History
  • Pre-modern Chinese history