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Many OSU masters theses and doctoral dissertations related to East Asia are available electronically through the OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertation Center—a free, online database of theses and dissertations from participating OhioLINK member schools. The ETD center contains the abstract and full text (if it was submitted) for all included theses and dissertations. Since the 2002-2003 academic year, all new OSU dissertations are automatically posted at OhioLINK. Full-text versions of many earlier OSU dissertations are available through Dissertation Abstracts (ProQuest Dissertations and Theses).

East Asian Theses and Dissertations Available at the ETD Center

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Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics

Bain, Ruey-Fen Cheryl. Balancing work and family life needs: extension staff of the Farmers' Association in Taiwan. Doctor of Philosophy, 2000.

Gao, Li. Three essays on interregional migration and the adoption of straw retention in China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2017.

Guo, Xiaoqi. The economic value of air-pollution-related health risks in China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2006.

Kim, Sam-Ryang. Consumer Health Information and Changing Preferences for Fats and Oils in Japan: Cointegration and a Complete Demand System Approach. Doctor of Philosophy, 1998.

Liu, Kang Ernest. Food demand in urban China: An empirical analysis using micro household data. Doctor of Philosophy, 2003.

Liu, Pu. Dependence Structure in Agricultural Index Insurance Design and Product Development. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Liu, Xianglin. Three essays in agricultural insurance. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

McGuire, William. Essays on Voluntary Standards in International Trade. Doctor of Philosphy, 2012.

Okajima, Shigeharu. Essays on the Effect of Environmental Policies in Japan. Doctor of Philosophy. 2012.

Saksena, Michelle. Three essays on the social science of obesity. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Tokoyama, Yuki. Three essays on Japanese household food consumption. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Xu, Yun. Pricing to market and international trade evidence from US agricultural exports. Doctor of Philosophy, 2006.

Yan, Wenye. Food demand in rural China: a study of rural household models. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Zheng, Yi. Essays On Nonparametric Econometrics With Applications To Consumer And Financial Economics. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.


Leahy, Rachael Elizabeth. Allostatic load, senescence, and aging among Japanese elderly. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Temple, Daniel Howard. Human biological variation during the agricultural transition in prehistoric Japan. Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology, 2007.

Art Education

Chan, Wen-Chi. A case study of Grace Lin's picturebooks on Chinese themes : "Why couldn't Snow White be Chinese?". Master of Arts, 2005.

Chen, Wing Nam Joyce. Craniofacial Differences Between Modern and Archaeological Asian Skeletal Populations. Doctor of Philosphy, Anthropology, 2011.

Chu, Rita CM. An apprenticeship in mask making: situated cognition, situated learning, and tool acquisition in the context of Chinese Dixi mask making. Doctor of Philosophy, 2006.

Evans, Lin Jiang. A history of art education in the elementary and middle schools of The People's Republic of China 1949-1989 : political currents and influences in visual-arts education. Doctor of Philosophy, 2001.

Jung, Hyunil. The Development of a Community-Based Art Education Curriculum for a Korean School in the United States: a Case Study. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Kuo, Chien-hua. A post-colonial critique of the representation of Taiwanese culture in children's picturebooks. Doctor of Philosophy, 2005.

Shen, Lien Fan. The pleasure and politics of viewing Japanese anime. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Song, Jung Eun. Considering Nation Branding as a Way to Build International Cultural Relations: The Case Study of the Korean Cultural Centers in the United States. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010. 

Wang, Yinghua. Participatory Action Research with Chinese-American Families: Developing Digital Prototypes of Chinese Art Education Resources. Doctor of Philosophy, 2013. 

Arts Policy and Administration

Choo, YeunKyung. Strategies for urban cultural policy: The case of the hub city of Asian culture, Gwangju, South Korea. Doctor of Philosophy, 2015.


Henderson, Calen Barnett. The Korean microlensing telescope network: Expectations for a cold exoplanet census through a global microlensing survey. Doctor of Philosophy, 2015.

Business Administration

Katayama, Masatoshi. Advertising in Japan, 1947-1959, as influenced by the social and economic changes in the postwar period. Master of Business Administration, 1961.


Allen, Thomas Harrell. An examination of the communicative interaction between the United States and the People's Republic of China from January 1969 to February 1972. Doctor of Philosophy, 1973.

Li, Zhan. Western media corporations' risk and strategies in Post-WTO China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Ryu, SungJin. The relationship between Korean mothers' communication practices with their children and children's deliberation-relevant communication abilities: Emotional regulation capacity and social cognitive development. Doctor of Philosophy, 2006.

Comparative Studies

Maymind, Ilana. Ethics in Exile: A Comparative Study of Shinran and Maimonides. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Wamae, Wachanga Muriuki. That I Should Dance On The Earth: Shinran's Revaluation of 'Karmic Afflications'. MA in Comparative Studies, 2012. 

East Asian Languages and Literatures

Ananth, Priya. Acquisition of tense and aspect in Toki 'when' clauses in Japanese as a second/foreign language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Angles, Jeffrey. Writing the love of boys: representations of male-male desire in the literature of Murayama Kaita and Edogawa Ranpo. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Bae, Jaesuk. The development of the syllable initial system in Chinese and in Sino-Korean. Master of Arts, 1993.

Bao, Ying. In Search Of Laughter In Maoist China: Chinese Comedy Film 1949-1966. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Bi, Zhiwei. Xuxiu Siku Quanshu Zongmu Tiyao: An analysis of the Sequel to the Annotated Bibliography of the Four Treasures. Master of Arts, 1996.

Bourgerie, Dana Scott. Particles of uncertainty: A discourse to the Cantonese final particle. Master of Arts, 1987.

Bourgerie, Dana Scott. A quantitative study of sociolinguistic variation in Cantonese. Doctor of Philosophy, 1990.

Burns, Drew MacGregor. The Self-Understanding, Self-Evaluation and Analysis of China's New Social Stratum. Master of Arts, 2008.

Butler, Craig. An examination of 'dao Place (qu)' and 'qu Place' in Mandarin Chinese. Master of Arts, 1990.

Butler, Hiroko Y. Bridge & non-bridge verb asymmetries in Japanese. Master of Arts, 1989.

Butler, Hiroko Yamashita. Processing of Japanese and Korean. Doctor of Philosophy, 1994.

Chan, Thomas A. Orthographic Change: Yue (Cantonese) Chinese Dialect Characters in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Master of Arts, 2001.

Chang, Mei-rong Lee. The Art of Liu Tsung-Yuan’s fables. Master of Arts, 1984.

Chao, Fang-yi. The sound system of the Qieyun: A phonemic interpretation. Doctor of Philosophy, 1998

Chen, Guangyan. Developing a Culture-Based Rating Criterion Model for Assessing Oral Performances in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Chen, Litong. Shaoguan Tuhua, a Local Vernacular of Northern Guangdong Province, China: A New Look from a Quantitative and Contact Linguistic Perspective. Master of Arts, 2012.

Chen, Litong. Dapeng dialect: An undocumented Cantonese Hakka mixed language in Southern China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Chen, Qin. The others: Desire, anxiety, and the politics of Chinese horror cinema (1989-2015). Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Chiang, Mien-Hwa. Three common reduplicated coordinate conjunctions in Chinese. Master of Arts, 1984.

Chiang, Mien-Hwa. A study of anaphora in Chinese recipe discourse. Doctor of Philosophy, 1992.

Chino, Noriko. Miyabe Miyuki's Place in the Development of Japanese Mystery Fiction. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Chou, Shizhen. Hong Wu Zheng Yun: Its relation to the Nanjing dialect and its impact on Standard Mandarin. Doctor of Philosophy, 1989.

Christensen, Matthew. The Punctual Aspect in Chinese: A Study of the Perfective and Inchoative Aspect Markers in Mandarin and Cantonese. Master of Arts, 1990.

Christensen, Matthew. Variation in spoken and written narrative discourse. Doctor of Philosophy, 1994.

Davis, Junko. A Prosodic Study of the "Inverted Sentence" in Beijing Mandarin. Master of Arts, 2004.

Dean, Henry. Rules for Mandarin le deletion. Master of Arts, 1983.

Eda, Sanae. Processing of intonation patterns in Japanese: implications for Japanese as a foreign language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Fang, Ning-ning. A study of the 1956 scheme for simplifying Chinese characters. Master of Arts, 1971.

Francis-Ratte, Alexander Takenobu. Proto-Korean-Japanese: A new reconstruction of the common origin of the Japanese and Korean languages. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Fung, Roxana Suk Yee. Final Particles in Standard Cantonese: Semantic Extension and Pragmatic Inference. Doctor of Philosophy, 2000.

Filler, Stephen. Chaos from order: anarchy and anarchism in modern Japanese fiction, 1900-1930. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Filler, Stephen. Hasegawa Nyozekan : the pedagogical value of fiction for a political philosopher. Master of Arts, 1997.

Fujita, Naoya. The genitive subject in Japanese and universal grammar. Master of Arts, 1988.

Fung, Roxana Suk Yee. Final Particles in Standard Cantonese: Semantic Extension and Pragmatic Inference. Doctor of Philosophy, 2000.

Gibbs, Levi Samuel. Song Kingdom: Tradition, Social Change, and the Contemporary Art of a Northern Shaanxi Folksinger. Doctor of Philosophy, 2013.

Gilliland, Joshua. Language Attitudes and Ideologies in Shanghai, China. Master of Arts, 2006.

Goss, Seth Joshua. The effects of internal and experience-based factors on the perception of lexical pitch accent by native and nonnative Japanese listeners. Doctor of Philosophy, 2015.

Han, Yuan. The language of newspaper advertising in Chinese. Master of Arts, 1991.

He, Baozhang. The two constructions NP + VP and VP + de + NP in Chinese. Master of Arts, 1985.

He, Baozhang. Situation types and aspectual classes of verbs in Mandarin Chinese. Doctor of Philosophy, 1992.

Hobbs, Ayanna Bajita Doretha. Phallic power of African American men: a study in Japanese literature (1930-present). Master of Arts, 1999.

Horn, Stephen Wright. Syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of accusative-quotative constructions in Japanese. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Hoshino, Takane. An analysis of Hosii in modern spoken Japanese. Master of Arts, 1991.

Hsieh, Chen-ooi Chin. Evolution of the theme of Tou O Yüan. Doctor of Philosophy, 1974.

Hu, Wenze. The inverted sentence in the Beijing dialect. Master of Arts, 1989.

Hu, Wenze. Functional perspectives and Chinese word order. Doctor of Philosophy, 1995.

Inamoto, Masako. Insignificance Given Meaning: The Literature of Kita Moio. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Jagacinski, Ngampit. Tai Lue of Xishuanebanna in China's Yunnan Province: Description and a study of the OV order in the Pau construction. Doctor of Philosophy, 1987.

Jin, Shunde. An acoustic study of sentence stress in Mandarin Chinese. Doctor of Philosophy, 1996.

Kang, Hana. Heritage language maintenance, acculturation, and identity: Chinese and Korean 1.5 generation immigrants in New Jersey. Master of Arts, 2004.

Kang, Hana. Computer-Based Writing and Paper-Based Writing: A Study of Beginning-Level and Intermediate-Level Chinese Learners' Writing. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Kato, Michiko. Teaching the concept of tatemae to English-speakers. Master of Arts, 2000.

Kashiwagi, Akiko. Processing Relative Clauses in First and Second Language: A Case Study. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Kawabe, Jun. Listener’s role and conversational strategies in Japanese discourse: an analysis of repetition. Master of Arts, 1992.

Langton, Scott Charles. The Works of Nakajima Atsushi "War is war and literature is literature". Master of Arts, 1992.

Lee, Ok Joo. The Pragmatics and Intonation of Ma-Particle Questions in Mandarin. Master of Arts, 2000.

Lee, Ok Joo. The prosody of questions in Beijing Mandarin. Doctor of Philosophy, 2005.

Lee, Peace Bakwon. Contested Stories: Constructing Chaoxianzu Identity. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Liao, Rongrong. Pitch contour formation in Mandarin Chinese : a study of tone and intonation. Doctor of Philosophy, 1994.

Li, Minggang. The Early Years Of Bungei Shunjū And The Emergence Of A Middlebrow Literature. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Lin, Huey Hannah. Contextualizing linguistic politeness in Chinese - a socio-Pragmatic approach with examples from persuasive sales talk in Taiwan Mandarin. Doctor of Philosophy, 2005.

Liu, Cheng-hui. Analytical study of the Lingbao dialect. Master of Arts, 1988.

Liu, Cheng-hui. Nouns, nominalization and denominalization in Classical Chinese: A study based on Mencius and Zuozhuan. Doctor of Philosophy, 1991.

Liu,  Ying. Understanding readership: American students' perceptions of evidence in Chinese persuasive composition. Doctor of Philosophy, 2015.

Lloyd, Alicia Dawn. A Rhetorical Analysis of the Tao-te-ching: Some Taoist Figures of Speech. Doctor of Philosophy, 1974.

Lotz, Joshua. A discussion of the role of Chinese Medicine in the modern health care system. Master of Arts, 2008.

Luft, Stephen. Language classroom risk-taking behavior in a performed culture-based program. Master of Arts, 2007.

Luft, Stephen. Japanese language learners' out-of-class study: Form-focus and meaning-focus in a program that uses the performed culture approach. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Masumoto, Ayaka. Overt Pronouns and Bound Variable Reading in L2 Japanese. Master of Arts, 2008.

Matsumura, Misako. Abe Tomoji, japanese modernist novelist as social critic and humanist, the early years (1925-1936). Master of Arts, 1998.

Matsunaga, Setsuko. The development of case marking in Japanese. Master of Arts, 1983.

McAloon, Patrick O. Chinese at Work: Evaluating Advanced Language Use in China-related Careers. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

McGinnis, Scott. A pragmatic analysis of Mandarin interrogatives: data from modern Taiwan drama. Doctor of Philosophy, 1990.

Meng, Nan. Chinese Culture Themes and Cultural Development: From a Family Pedagogy to a Performance-Based Pedagogy of a Foreign Language and Culture. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Miracle, W. Charles. Discourse markers in Mandarin Chinese. Doctor of Philosophy, 1991.

Nagatomi, Ayumi. Pedagogical implications of negative questions in Japanese. Master of Arts, 1999.

Nakamura, Mari. Some observations on antecedent-consequent constructions in Japanese: a pragmatic study of kara and node. Master of Arts, 1987.

Nakata, Kaori. The Room of Sweet Honey: the adult Shôjo fiction of Japanese novelist Mori Mari (1903-1987). Master of Arts, 2004.

Noble, Jonathan Scott. Cultural Performance in China: beyond resistance in the 1990s. Doctor of Philosophy, 2003.

Ogino, Megumi. An analysis of sae. Master of Arts, 1990.

Okutsu, Yuko. Functions of yahari/yappari. Master of Arts, 1992.

Omori, Kyoko. Detecting Japanese Vernacular Modernism: Shinseinen Magazine and the Development of the Tantei Shosetsu Genre, 1920-1931. Doctor of Philosophy, 2003.

Omori, Kyoko. Problems in English translation of Japanese literature: A study of Natsume Sôseki's botchan and kokoro. Master of Arts, 1996.

Onoe, Atsushi. Functions of Ne and its uses by learners. Master of Arts, 1997.

Oshiro, Tokiko. Aspects of semantic change in honorific verbs of the Okinawan language. Master of Arts, 1987.

Oyama, Atsuko. Japanese native speakers' attitudes towards attention-getting ne of intimacy in relation to Japanese femininities. Master of Arts, 2008.

Pai, Yi Fan. Exploring the Personal Experience Narratives of 1949 Chinese Immigrants to Taiwan. Master of Arts, 2008.

Pimentel, Carlos. Pronominal interpretations in L2 Japanese. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Qin, Xizhen. Towards Understanding Misunderstanding in Cross-Cultural Communication: The Case of American Learners of Chinese Communicating with Chinese People in the Chinese Language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Ratté, Alexander Takenobu. Contact-Induced Phonological Change in Taiwanese. Master of Arts, 2011.

Riha, Helena. The Morphology and Semantics of Roman Letter Words in Mandarin Chinese. Master of Arts, 2006.

Riha, Helena. Lettered Words and Roman Letter Characters in Chinese Writing: A Study Of Alphabetic Writing in Chinese Newswires. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Rouzer, John (Jack) Harvey. Ontological metaphor in Chinese syntax. Doctor of Philosophy, 1997.

Sergent, Wallace K., Jr. A study of the oral reading strategies of advanced and highly advanced second language readers of Chinese. Doctor of Philosophy, 1990.

Savas, Minae Yamamoto. Feminine Madness In The Japanese Noh Theatre. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Sawasaki, Koichi. L2 reading by learners of Japanese: a comparison of different L1s. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Seung, Shauna. (Wennerod, Shauna Seung). Towards Accuracy in Chinese Tonal Production: Seven Case Studies. Master of Arts, 1998.

Shen, Haibing. Gender and conversational interaction in Mandarin Chinese: a corpus-based study of radio talk shows. Master of Arts, 1997.

Shepherd, Eric Todd. A pedagogy of storytelling based on Chinese storytelling traditions. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Shi, Jianguo. Shuyang phonology. Doctor of Philosophy, 1994.

Shibata, Chihaya. Honorific predication in early middle Japanese: a critical survey with examples from the Ookagami. Master of Arts, 1997.

Smith, Akiko. The homosexual theme in medieval Japanese fiction with an annotated translation of a representative tale : Toribeyama monogatari. Master of Arts, 1984.

Su, Lulei. A pedagogical perspective on Advanced L2 Learners’ acquisition of Chinese conceptual metaphor. Master of Arts, 2011.

Suzuki, Misako. Refusing requests in Japanese: analysis and pedagogical implications. Master of Arts, 1997.

Takahashi, Sonoko. The Interrogative Marker KA in Japanese. Master of Arts, 1995.

Tang, Jian. Prototypes in Lesser Seal Scripts (China, ca. 221 BC - AD 220). Doctor of Philosophy, 1996.

Tsuchiya, Shinsuke. Perceptions of native and nonnative speakers and observational analysis of "divergent" Japanese language teachers in context. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Turner, Holly D. Examining the Concepts, Situation and Inner Contradictions of the Chinese Media Through the News Reporting of Sudden Incidents in 2008. Master of Arts, 2009.

Tutatchikova, Olga Petrovna. Acquisition of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation by foreign learners : the role of memory in learning and teaching. Master of Arts, 1995.

Wang, Jianfen. An ecology of literacy: A context-based interdisciplinary curriculum for Chinese as a foreign language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Wang, Liangqing. Origin and development of classifiers in Chinese. Doctor of Philosophy, 1994.

Wiener, Seth. The representation, organization and access of lexical tone by native and non-native Mandarin speakers. Doctor of Philosophy, 2015.

Wilburn, Deborah Ann. Naturalistic inquiry into kindergarten children's experiences in a Spanish immersion setting : a collaborative research project. Doctor of Philosophy, 1993.

Wu, Sue-mei. Instrumentality in classical Chinese: A study of the function word yi with special reference to The Confucian analects.Master of Arts, 1994.

Wu, Sue-mei. The coverbs in Classical Chinese. Doctor of Philosophy, 1997.

Wu, Xiaoqi. Zai, dao, and gei constructions -- A study of Chinese word order. Doctor of Philosophy, 1996.

Xu, Wang. A Comparison of Chinese and Taiwan Sign Languages: Towards a New Model for Sign Language Comparison. Master of Arts, 2006.

Yan, Jing. Social Variation of Vernacular Written Cantonese in Guangzhou (Canton City), China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Yang, Chunsheng (George). The Acquisition of Mandarin Prosody by American Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Yang, Jia. Toward a pedagogy of conventional expressions in Chinese culture. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Yang, Yan. Ne in the Novel Honglou Meng (Dream of the Red Chamber): Gender, Social Status and a Sentence-Final Particle. Master of Arts, 2003.

Yip, Leo Shing Chi. Reinventing China: cultural adaptation in medieval Japanese Nô Theatre. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Yu, Li. Toward a pedagogical model of learning to read Chinese as a foreign language. Master of Arts, 1997.

Yu, Li. A history of reading in late Imperial China, 1000-1800. Doctor of Philosophy, 2003.

Yu, Ying. The Fantastic in the 1960s and 1970s: The Idea of Subversion and an Exploration of Style. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Zhang, Yongfang. Performance-based Chinese L2 Reading Instruction: A Spiral Approach. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Zhou, Lieting. On the occurrence conditions of localizers in Mandarin Chinese. Master of Arts, 1994.

Zhu, Bo. Chinese Cultural Values And Chinese Language Pedagogy. Master of Arts, 2008.

Earth Science

Sedlacek, Alexa R.C. Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy and Carbonate Sedimentology of the Latest Permain to Early Triassic in the Western United States, Northern Iran, and Southern China. Doctor of Philosophy, Geological Science, 2013.

Tierney, Kate E. Carbon and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy of the Permian from Nevada and China: Implications from an Icehouse to Greenhouse Transition. Doctor of Philosophy, Geological Science, 2010.


Cooper, Molly Malloy. Japanese American wages, 1940-1990. Doctor of Philosophy, 2003.

Jiang, Zheng. Three Essays in Economic Growth and Development. 2012.

Kang, Hyunju. Essays in International Macroeconomics. Master of Economics, 2012.

Ma, Li. Essays in Housing Choices and Consumer Behavior. Doctor of Philosophy, Economics. 2012.

Shi, Huimin. Three Essays on the Empirical Relevance of International Trade Models: New Evidence from China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Yoo, Dongwoo. Three Essays in Economic Growth and Development. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Kato, Ryo. Three Essays in Monetary Economics; What Do We Learn from Monetary Economics for the Lost Decade of Japan? Doctor of Philosophy, 2002.

Educational Policy and Leadership

Baek, Mi-Kyung. Insider at border: interactions of technology, language, culture, and gender in computer-Mediated communication by Korean female learners of English. Doctor of Philosophy, 2005.

Bang, Youngjoo. Factors affecting Korean students' risk-taking behavior in an EFL classroom. Doctor of Philosophy, 1999.

Bodenstein, Lynn. The effects of Japanese Zen Breathing Meditation and progressive relaxation on memorization. Master of Arts, 1980.

Everson, Michael Erwin. The effect of word-unit spacing upon the reading strategies of native and non-native readers of Chinese: an eye-tracking study. Doctor of Philosophy, 1986.

Hsu, Chung-Jen. Development of an indigenous Chinese personality inventory based on the principle of Yin-Yang and the five elements and on the ancient Chinese text "Jen Wu Chih". Doctor of Philosophy, 2006.

Kim, Eunyoung. Korean ESL learners' learning styles based on their personality, oral proficiency, and national origin. Master of Arts, 1991.

Kim, Sang Hyun. John Dewey's Ideas on Authority and Their Significance for Contemporary Korean Schools.Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Lang, Yong. The acquisition sequence of English Articles: a longitudinal case study of a Chinese ESL learner in the American context. Doctor of Philosophy, 1998.

Lin, Huey-jen. A study of the responces of three American and three Chinese children to picturebooks of Chinese folktales. Doctor of Philosophy, 1995.

Liu, Mei-Ying. Portrayals of the Chinese in fiction for children 1925-1991. Doctor of Philosophy, 1993.

Meyer, Carol A. The role of peer relationships in the socialization of children to preschool: a Korean example. Doctor of Philosophy, 1989.

Peng, Ping-chuan. New immigrant children's complicated becomings: a multi-sited ethnography in a Taiwanese diasporic space. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Rhee, Jeong-eun. Globalization, education and identity: a critical auto-ethnography of traveling Korean (descendent) women in U.S. Higher Education. Doctor of Philosophy, 2002.

Tang, Meiling. Gender differences in relationship between background experiences and three levels of spatial ability. Doctor of Philosophy, 2006.

Tomita, Hideo. Identifying and explaining L2 learners' difficulties: a case of the Japanese particles WA and GA. Doctor of Philosophy, 1995.

Yen, Yuh-Yun. Identity issues in EFL and ESL textbooks: a sociocultural perspective. Doctor of Philosophy, 2000.

Yough, Michael S. Self-Efficacy and the Language Learner. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Zeki, Cynthia Miller. A common culture, individual voices: an ethnographic case study of five Chinese student writers. Doctor of Philosophy, 1995.

Education: Physical Activities and Educational Services

Choi, Woojae. Influences of Formal Learning, Personal Characteristics, and Work Environment Characteristics on Informal Learning Among Middle Managers in the Korean Banking Sector. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Huang, WenRou. A comparison of the Influences of Different Training Approaches on Trainees' Perceptions of Self-Efficacy to Achieve Training Outcomes Among Bankers in Taiwan. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Hwang, Sun Ok. The Relationships Among Perceived Effectiveness of Network-Building Training Approaches, Extent of Advice Networks, and Perceived Individual Job Performance Among Employees in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in Korea. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Yoon, Dong-Yeol. The Relationships Among the Extent of Participant Involvement in Cross-Cultural Learning Activities, Individual Differences of Participants, and Adaptation of Expatriate Managers to the Host Country in a Korean Multinational Corporation. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Educational Services and Research

Cho, Dae Yeon. Unintended consequences among trainers delivering structured on-the-job training In a Korean organization. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Tsai, Jui-min. Team teaching and teachers' professional learning: case studies of collaboration between foreign and Taiwanese English teachers in Taiwanese elementary schools. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Williams, Benjamin M. Type, knowing style and gender through the experience of Asian international students in the US. Master of Arts, 2000.

Woo, Boyun. Cultural Effects on Work Attitudes and Behaviors: The Case of American and Korean Fitness Employees. Doctor of Philosophy, 2009.

Educational Studies: Hums, Science, Tech & Voc

Lee, Chan. Perceived job change toward dimensions of knowledge work among three levels of employees in a Korean bank. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Song, Juyoung. Language ideologies and identity: Korean children’s language socialization in a bilingual setting. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Education Teaching and Learning

Birkby, Stuart J. English-Language Introduction to Contemporary Taiwan: A Historicolinguistic Perspective. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Fang, Ming. A Multiple Case Study of Chinese Students' L2 Taks Representation Across Three Reading-to-Write Tasks in an Undergraduate EAP Writing Courses. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Hardman, Jocelyn Brooks. The Intelligibility of Chinese-Accented English to International and American Students at a US University. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Hsiao-Feng Tsai. Classroom Discourse and Reading Comprehension in Bilingual Settings: A Case Study of Collaborative Reasoning in a Chinese Heritage Language Learners' Classroom. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Ko, Kyoungrok. Perceptions of KFL/ESL Teachers in North America Regarding Feedback on College Student Writing. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010. 

Lee, Eun-Jo. Exploring L2 Writing Strategies from Socio-Cognitive Perspective: Mediated Actions, Goals, and Setting in L2 Writing. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Lee, Sang Kyo. A Study of the Effects of Two Reading Environments on L2 Readers' Strategic Behaviors Toward Unknown Words. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010. 

Liu, Yu-Hsiu. Syntactic Differences nad Foreign Language Reading Anxiety: An Investigation of Taiwanese University Students. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Monobe, Gumiko. Narratives of Identity and Culturally Relevant Practives of Japanese Descent Teachers. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

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Yang, Hsiao-Ching. How Well are Secondary Social Studies Teachers Prepared to Teach Global Education? Pre-Service Teacher and Faculty's Perspectievs of the Implementation of Global Education in Teacher Education Programs in Taiwan. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Yang, Hsiu-Hui. Exploring Native and Non-native English Teachers' Integrated Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Instructional Practive: A Case Study of four Teachers at a Taiwan University. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Yu, Yang. Attitudes of Learners Toward English: A Case of Chinese College Students. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Wu, Hsin-Chieh. Collective Responsibility, Academic Optimism, and Student Achievement in Taiwan Elementary Schools. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Educational Theory and Practice

Nam, Jung Mi. Perceptions of Korean college students and teachers about communication-Based English instruction: evaluation of a college EFL curriculum in South Korea. Doctor of Philosophy, 2005.

Wang, Chuang. Self-regulated learning strategies and self-efficacy beliefs of children learning English as a second language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Wang, Tzu-Ling. Brain hemispheric preferences of fouth- and fifth-grade science teachers and students in Taiwan: An investigation of the relationships to student spatial and verbal ability, student achievement, student attitudes, and teaching practice. Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.


Hayashi, Ann Koto. Face of the enemy, heart of a patriot: Japanese-American internment narratives. Doctor of Philosophy, 1992.

Kwon, Kyounghye. Local Performances, Global Stages: Postcolonial and Indigenous Drama and Performance in Glocal Circuits. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Yan, Nancy. Negotiating Authenticity: Multiplicity, Anomalies, and Context in Chinese Restaurants. Doctor of Philosophy, 2013.

Geodetic Science

Tseng, Kuo-Hsin. Satellite Altimetry And Radiometry for Inland Hydrology, Coastal Sea-Level and Environmental Studies. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.


Shelton, Joel A. Female labor in the postwar Japanese economy: a geographic perspective. Doctor of Philosophy, 2006.

Germanic Languages and Literatures

Li, Weijia. Anna Seghers' China-Begegnung in ihrem Leben und ihren Werken.Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.


Balabanlilar, Lisa Ann. Lords of the Auspicious Conjunction: Turco- Mongol Imperial Identity on the Subcontinent. Doctor of Philosophy, 2007.

Chang, Doris Ting-Ling. Daughters of Formosa: feminist discourses and women's movements in Taiwan, 1920-2002. Doctor of Philosophy, 2002.

Gibby, Bryan Robert. Fighting in a Korean war: the American advisory missions from 1946-1953. Doctor of Philosophy, 2004.

Holwitt, Joel Ira. "Execute against Japan": freedom-of-the-seas, the U.S Navy, fleet submarines, and the U.S. decision to conduct unrestricted warfare, 1919-1941. Doctor of Philosophy, 2005.

Huh, Nam-Sung. The quest for a bulwark of anti-communism : the formation of the Republic of Korea Army Officer Corps and its political socialization, 1945-1950. Doctor of Philosophy, 1987.

Jacobson, Mark R. 'Minds then hearts:' U.S. political and psychological warfare during the Korean War. Doctor of Philosophy, 2005.

Judge, Sean M. The Turn of the Tide, July 1942--February 1943: Shifting Strategic Initiative i nthe Pacific in World War II. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

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