Qingyang Yan
Graduate Student, Linguistics
Speech production and perception
Language and variation
Jia Yang
Graduate Student, DEALL
Chinese language pedagogy
Qiong Yang
Graduate Student, DEALL
Modern Chinese literature
Kanako Yao
Graduate Student, DEALL
Japanese linguistics
Kerim Yasar
Assistant Professor, DEALL
Modern Japanese literature and film 614 292-5816
Yongfei Yi
Graduate Student, DEALL
Modern Japanese literature
Yanfei Yin
Graduate Student, History of Art
Traditional Chinese painting after 1949
Chaekwang You
Graduate Student, Political Science
Ziying You
Graduate Student, DEALL
Chinese folklore studies
Folk art and material culture
Video production and filmmaking
Etsuyo Yuasa Etsuyo Yuasa
Associate Professor, DEALL; Director, East Asian Studies Center
Japanese linguistics
Pedagogy-linguistics interface
Syntax-semantics interface
614 292-5816