Keshia Lai
Graduate Student, History
Twentieth century Southeast Asia
Hyun Jin Lee Hyun Jin Lee
Lecturer, DEALL
Korean Language 614 292-3225
Melissa Lee
Graduate Student, Theatre
Korean American/Asiain theatre
Mitchell B. Lerner Mitchell B. Lerner
Associate Professor; Director of Institute for Korean Studies
614 688-3166
Scott Levi Scott Levi
Associate Professor, History
Central Asia, India, Islam 614 292-2447
Cong Li
Graduate Student, DEALL
Chinese language pedagogy
Guoqing Li Guoqing Li
Professor, University Libraries
Chinese literature, history, and bibliography, translation 614 292-9597
Jing Li
Graduate Student, DEALL
Chinese language pedagogy
Tina Li
Graduate Student, Chinese Flagship Program
Security intelligence
Kai Liang
Graduate Student, DEALL
Chinese pedagogy
Yuhan Lin
Graduate Student, Linguistics
Sociolinguistics 614 292-4052
John A. Lindsey
Graduate Student, EAS MA
Coral Link Bishop
Graduate Student, Education: Teaching & Learning
Japanese pedagogy
Teacher education
Morgan Liu Morgan Liu
Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Cultural Anthropology of Central Asia, including Xinjiang
Languages: Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, French
614 292-5619
Yiwen Liu
Graduate Student, History of Art
Mack Lorden
Graduate Student, Chinese Flagship Program
Localization of Chinese Teas in the United States
Bridging the Chinese-American Culture Gap
Zhong-lin Lu
Distinguished Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Professor, Psychology; Director, Center of Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging; Director, Center for Cognitive Science
Functional brain imaging study of sensory and attentional processes
Second-language learning
614 247-8252