Siqi Han
Graduate Student, Sociology
Masanori Hashimoto Masanori Hashimoto
Professor Emeritus and Honors Director, Economics
Labor economics
Japanese economy
614 292-4196
Man He
Graduate Student, DEALL
Modern Chinese literature
Lee Heward
Graduate Student, DEALL
Mary Kate Hill
Graduate Student, Chinese Flagship Program
Stephen Hills Stephen Hills
Professor Emeritus, Management and Human Resources
International markets
Role of monetary policy on part-time employment levels in Europe
Labor markets in Mexico, South Africa, Poland and China
Eliza Wing Sze Ho
Graduate Student, History of Art
Modern Chinese art
History of Chinese photography
Kewei Hou
Associate Professor, Finance
Asset pricing
Market efficiency
Behavioral finance
Meiyu Hsieh
Assistant Professor, History
Early imperial Chinese history
Chinese paleography
State formation and empire building
Evelyn Huang
Graduate Student, DEALL
Japanese literature 614 292-5816
Linda Huang
Graduate Student, History of Art
Contemporary Chinese Art
Wang Huang
Graduate Student, DEALL
Chinese literature 614 292-5816
John Huntington John Huntington
Professor Emeritus, History of Art
Inner and East Asian Art, Asian Buddhist Iconography
Art Photography
614 688-8198
Susan Huntington Susan Huntington
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, History of Art
Buddhist Art and Artifacts
South Asian and Himalayan art
Photographic documentation
614 292-7481
Seunghyun Hwang
Graduate Student, Theatre
Korean theatre
Young-bae Hwang
Lecturer, International Studies