Yufan Fang
Graduate Student, EAS MA
Rachel Fatica
Graduate Student, DEALL
Emma Fete
Graduate Student, Communications
Kurt Fife
Graduate Student, DEALL
Belton Fleisher Belton Fleisher
Professor Emeritus, Economics
Chinese economy
Economic development
Labor economics
Robert Fox Robert Fox
Professor and Chair, Speech and Hearing Science; Professor by Courtesy, Linguistics
Acoustic Phonetics
Speech Perception and Production
Second Language Acquisition
614 292-1628
Haiyan Fu
Graduate Student, DEALL
Naomi Fukumori Naomi Fukumori
Associate Professor, DEALL
Heian (794-1185) and Kamakura period (1185-1333) court literature (poetry and prose) 614 247-7691
Naoki Fuse
Graduate Student, DEALL
Language-as-process theory (tokieda motoki)
History of Japanese linguistics in Japan (kokugogaku)
Teaching Japanese as a foreign language