Melvin Barnes, Jr.
Graduate Student, History
Modern Chinese History
James Bartholomew James Bartholomew
Professor Emeritus, History
Modern Japan
History of Science in Japan
614 292-8301
Mary Beckman Mary Beckman
Professor, Linguistics
Phonetic Modeling
Laboratory Phonology
Phonological Acquisition
614 292-2577
Mark Bender Mark Bender
Professor and Department Chair, DEALL
Traditional Chinese Performance
Performance-connected Literature of Local Han and Ethnic Minority Cultures in China
614 292-3225
Wenjuan Bi
Graduate Student, History
Modern Chinese history
Chinese literature
Women's study
Frederick Bowman
Graduate Student, DEALL
Diachronic morphology and syntax
Tense and aspect dialectology
Philip C. Brown Philip C. Brown
Professor, History
Early modern and modern Japan, land tenure
Floods/landslides in Japanese history
614 292-0904